Communiqua Foreign Language training

Why Communiqua for Korean language?

Communiqua, foreign language center in Chennai offers a quintessential Korean language course which teaches you to read, write, listen and orally demonstrate yourself in impeccable Korean in a very short time.

Korean language skill is imperative in many professions and helps in the progression of career. Our goal is to bring into actuality your objective of acquiring complete Korean language prowess, at the earliest.

We provide explicit and easily comprehensible study materials for students to achieve best results through a meticulous learning process. Our pioneering, unique, and ingenious Korean language lessons are delivered by our team of highly competent and accomplished teachers.

We offer group classes, private tutoring for individuals as well as small groups, and online tutoring at convenient timings. Courses can be customized to suit your requirements.

Private Tuition / Group Classes

For quick learning of Korean language to achieve your personal goals, you can choose between our private tuitions or small-group classes. Training is provided in the fully-equipped, modern classrooms of the Institute or, if desired, at a training location selected by you.

Private Tuition

Our One-to-One program is very effective, practical and stimulating. The content of the course is usually customized to the requirement of the individuals after a thorough analysis of the necessity. It gives the participant the opportunity to plunge into the language, to exercise speaking , reading, writing and listening and to substantially improve his/her communication skills. Private tuition is the best option if you need to develop technical vocabularies or support your needs in business Korean. The teaching language is korean right from the first lesson. The language skills you acquire in our courses can be measured objectively and are internationally comparable.

Group Classes

Group classes are suitable for people working in the business or administration sector, who need Korean for their everyday career activities. We conduct classes for small groups, at our institute or the desirable location selected by you. A perfect balance between basic Korean language skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing, structures) and specialized language needs (meetings, company presentations, and business interactions) will be maintained throughout the course.. Our teaching staff are highly scholastic and implement contemporary methodologies to teach the language. Group discussions and role play strategy will make the learning process fascinating and absorbing. The language instructors will plan a course built around your requested contents and designed to your needs. This will ensure quick and efficient progress. They will periodically inform you of your learning achievements, and advise you the best possible way to approach further learning.

Korean for Business People

Being able to communicate with Korean customers in their own language is of paramount importance in enhancing business prospects . In addition to that, proficiency in Korean language also gives an insider view of their culture and ethics. It not only helps perceive their work morality and business protocols, but also the cultural blunders that one should avoid in their homeland. Communiqua prides itself in dispensing a valuable Korean language course which would help you build close and amicable connection with your Korean speaking counterparts. We are ever so fervid and spirited in assuring success in your expedition to learn this phenomenal oriental language. Our diligent teachers are fully qualified and display a high level of exuberance and dedication to ensure your proficiency in the language. We teach students the tradition and knack to employ their obtained knowledge in business as well as social surroundings. We offer an array of training formats from exhaustive to modular to voluminous , based on your needs, objectives, schedule and budget.

Corporate Training

Our corporate training programs are customized to suit your company’s business strategies and approach. We guarantee swift and effective procurement of Korean language skills for the employees through a well-planned course module. Our efficient and successful teachers will train your employees to improve their language ability to the expected standard. Latest teaching methods are implemented based on the business, cultural and professional backgrounds of the participants. Participants are trained through role-playing for various situations they might encounter, in Korean. This technique has been proven repeatedly to have the most effect on clients. Vocabulary needs pertaining to company’s objective and clarity of speech of individuals will play pivotal role in all the sessions. The course can be arranged for any number of employees, either in groups or one-on-one , and altered to the requirement of the client company. Classes are available either on your premises or at the institute at flexible timings.

Why Communiqua for Korean language?

• Listening and reading skills • Writing expertise • Oral eloquence • Industry related vocabulary • Pronunciation finesse • Telephone and E-mail skills • Presentation skills • Negotiation aptitude • Corporate expressions

Scope For Korean Language

  • As Indian companies are becoming apparent as worldwide competitors, endowment with foreign language skills to handle our global equivalents has become a primary requirement. Smooth and steady conversation is essential for augmenting business with international counterparts.
  • Due to worldwide movement towards economy, trade , finance and communications integration there is a growing demand for Korean language speakers.
  • Obtaining korean language skill will give you an edge in getting placement at global Korean companies.
  • Literary works and formal writings introduced to encourage reading habits as well as grasp the full implication of the intensity of the language
  • Rapid economic expansion of south korean in trade and technology has increased the practice and employment of korean language multifold outside of Korea . Another factor contributing to the proliferation of the language is due to the recognition of Korean culture in the world platform.
  • For people aspiring to work in korean or migrate to Korea, assimilating Korean language is crucial. The scope of this language is colossal as it is your entry ticket to establish a career in sectors such as
  • Reading/writing
  • Word Building
  • Grammar
  • Phonetics
  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary
  • Framing grammatically correct sentences
  • Sensible long conversations
  • Group Discussions
  • Communicative Skill development
  • With a sound Korean language skill and unimpaired speaking ability, professions such as foreign language specialist, teacher, interpreter and translator could also be aspired for.

What Our Students Say about us

  • The class was really good it couldn't be better. Since the teacher was Chinese native, we got know the words that are frequently used in china and also got an image of how good is china. 1 suggestion is to increase the number of days. Besides that everything went very well.I loved the class.

  • The class was really good it couldn't be better. Since the teacher was Chinese native, we got know the words that are frequently used in china and also got an image of how good is china. 1 suggestion is to increase the number of days. Besides that everything went very well.I loved the class.

  • Even with the short duration and constraints, I had there was no compromise in the quality and content to be delivered. Many thanks to Communiqua, that I speak Chinese after the very first level am perusing my medical studies in China.

  • Very authentic training and extremely helpful, when we are out in the Chinese world.

  • I am learning Chinese aka mandarin and i am having a blast learning the language given a chance in future, I will be sending my kids to sharpen their language skills.

  • This is Selva. I would like to share my views on Communiqua, where I learned 汉语。I really love the environment of communiqua. When it comes to learning, presentations that were done in the classroom was very interactive and the softcopies and hardcopies given to the students are really useful at all times for reference. I should really thank Communiqua for the flexible timings of the session and the teacher is very knowledgeable. A sincere thanks to your team for everything and Communiqua is really FUN TO LEARN WITH.