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Life Skills

Your child is born today and you already have dreams about the baby growing up and making it big in life, no matter what she or he does. Do you think only school books will help your child to get a job, become an entrepreneur or become successful in any profession of their choice when (s)he is 25 years? No, right? That is why, we believe there are certain “life skills” that we as parents or mentors are responsible to teach them, make them aware and imbibe in them, and then they are set for life!

Life skills aids your child to succeed in life. These skills, they don’t teach you in school. These skills help in inculcating adaptive and positive behavior to deal with the everyday demands and challenges of life. Very simply put, these are those skills which are needed for an entire lifetime of a human and are to be consciously and continuously enriched by self with growing age.

We believe, nobody is perfect, nor is anybody expected to be perfect in all aspects of life, although we also believe that if a child is guided well to be prepared for life with some basic skills, then he/she grows to become a well-groomed, independent and responsible adult.